Recommended sites

Links to interesting sites, news and people. You know the drill, these are other sites, we can’t be responsible etc. yadi yada.


Royal Academy website info on TypeMedia
TypeMedia: master in typedesign.
TypEdu Hannes Famira’s type education site.
TypeBase, a database with links on type, typography and their makers.

Buy our FontFonts at

FontShop Benelux
FontShop International
LettError Catalog: our offering in our own online store.

Software, tools for type

Robofab, free Python scripting library, plus open format for font sources.
Superpolator, makes complex interpolations possible.
TypeSupply, the makers of MetricsMachine
Python, the language.
EffBot, useful notes and examples on Python
Proce55ing, another, but also cool language.




Paul Barnes, Graphic Design
St. Bride Type
Tal Leming (adjust monitor brightness first)
Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens
Hannes Famira in Brooklyn, USA.
Martin Wenzel in Berlin
Type Invaders
Bolt Graphics
Orange Italic, Christian Schwarz
The Hoefler & Frere-Jones Type Foundry
House Industries

Other things

Adventure for Life, Dutch language site for breastcancer-fundraiser walks.
Kids in the City, for a cleaner, greener The Hague


Lui, the band Just plays in.
Wolfraam, the other band Just plays in.